About InTechTrade



About InTechTrade

Incorporated on the East Coast of the United States, our headquarters is located between our suppliers and our customers. We speak English, French, and Arabic and we always insist on the best products and best prices for our customers. 

We are a member of the World Trade Center Delaware, U.S.A. and a registered Dell partner, which gives us exclusive access to the best prices, newest products, and low cost delivery options, which benefits our customers around the world.


Our sales representatives are based in the west (Casablanca) and east (Oujda) of Morocco.

Contact Us

Email: info@intechtrade.com

Delaware, U.S.A. (Si├Ęge Social)
Tel: (001)302.358.9681 (Mr. Rhanim)

Casablanca, Morocco
Tel: (212)0678400190 (Mr. Afhim)

Oujda, Morocco
Tel: (212)0652881683 (Mr. Ouannass)

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